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ActionSeps™ DTX Separation Software eliminates white haze, transparency imperfections, and printing limitations. Separate full-color DTF & DTG art with the click of a button.  Step-by-step walkthrough videos that teach how to separate full-color art on screen with ease.

You'll need the following items to use ActionSeps™:

19 thoughts on “ActionSeps™ DTX Training Course”

    1. It can only be used with Photoshop. IMHO, learn Photoshop. It’s the industry standard for graphics. Even though affinity is an affordable option, Photoshop has so much more capabilities and exchanging files amongst artist will be much easier.

  1. Leonard Amore

    You said in the training that you left links to the files so we could work along side. Under materials I don’t see any links to any files, just courses.

  2. Louis Gattone

    Hey I sent an email. Could you help me. Somehow I purchased the screen print one thinking it was the DTF one. Oils you help get me sorted out?


    I can not find the password for getting on the Facebook group. I was there but I had 5 posts waiting for approval that never happened, even after emailing support twice. I would like to get in the group. I deleted my account there and tried to get back in but do not remember or find the pass.

  4. Jonathan Hollis

    Ok so I bought the screen print software plus the bundle thing this morning, and I should have bought the one for dtf. I went ahead an bought the dtx/dtf rip along with the separate rip software, and the t-shirt template bundle. I have watched about 2.5 hours of videos. I also downloaded all of the downloads thinking I might have missed something, also very new to photoshop. I feel like most everything I’ve watched is geared to screen printing and not the dtf. I am for now printing off a Epson l805 dtf printer. I am confident in the way I was doing things. I wanted to step it up, but now i have a ton of questions. I feel like a strictly dtf for dummy’s video with this software would be great. I’ve had a dtf printer for about a month have been doing sublimation and vinyl for 3 years. I’d love to see what this can really do if I can figure it out.

  5. Jonathan Hollis

    I ended up buying it last night that’s what I wanted. I ended up buying the action rip standalone as well. I didn’t even know I bought it, but I also bought the 19.00 packages with them as well. I don’t need the screen print in less there are features I can use on dtf printing. I did go ahead and download them all. I just want to make sure I get the most out of all this software I’m getting. Again I’m brand-new to photoshop as well so if there are any help guides for that would be great. I also want to be sure on the dtf part will I need to set up a printer profile an how will I know the white is being added to the print. lol i might need a crash course everything I watched even in the dtx seemed gears to screen printing.

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