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Simulated Spot Process Software for Screen Printers.

ActionSeps™ automates what could easily be the most difficult task for screen-printers. Separating simulated process for screen printing.


Really Helpful Spot Process Software!


Easy to Use!!! Took us to the Next Level!

Why Should I Go with ActionSeps™?

Start Making Money Now with ActionSeps™ and Our High Quality Training Videos!

Whether you’re a screen print business looking to add simulated process screen printing to your shop, or an t-shirt artist wanting to offer separations. We’ll get you up and running in no time, so you can start profiting from your investment right away.

Creator of ActionSeps™

I started my screen print business in the garage with $0 and now make a full-time living screen printing. When I first started, simulated process seemed overly complicated. I watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos, and it took years to digest a lot of content and master the craft of spot process printing.

I decided to create this course to help you fast track the learning curve and to build your confidence when it comes to screen printing simulated process. In this course, you’ll quickly learn what’s taken me years to perfect as a screen printer.

Don't Just Buy Software. Invest in Your Future.

With ActionSeps™, you’re not sold just software. You’re investing in your future and screen printing knowledge. Most softwares give you a tool, and the bare minimum knowledge to achieve, eh… okay results. When you purchase ActionSeps™, you’ll learn how to use the software as well as how to actually master simulated process printing. From start to finish. Here’s how we’ll take you from zero to hero!!!


Software Overview

We'll dive into how to use the software, and how to achieve the best results. On screen and on press.


Separation Theory

How do you actually achieve excellent results? We'll train your eye so your prints look pro!



Learn how mesh selection, emulsion, inks, squeegee durometer, and printing play a roll in the results.


Trouble Shooting

We'll guide you on how to improve the quality of your prints and achieve top notch results!

Eliminate Those Monthly Fees the "Other Guys" Charge.

With other separation software companies, you’re stuck paying a monthly subscription fee, have to purchase multiple licenses to use their software on multiple computers.

With ActionSeps™, you purchase it one-time and you can use it on multiple computers. We also have hours of training videos to help you create stunning real world results.

Have No Fear! A Lifetime Money Back Guarantee is Here!

If you have implemented ALL OF THE LESSONS, or if ActionSeps™ doesn’t work for for you, we’ll give you a full refund.  Just email and we’ll refund your money. Our goal isn’t to take your money and run. We want to see you become successful, add simulated process to your shop, and master simulated process screen printing.

Order Today and Receive $50 off Your ActionSeps™ Purchase! Regular Price is $149. Grab Your Copy Before the Sale Ends!

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